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Connecting WordPress to Google Search Console

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    In the realm of SEO, your site’s visibility on Google is crucial. Google Search Console is a free service that enhances this visibility by allowing you to monitor your site’s presence in Google’s search results and provides valuable insights into your SEO performance.

    Accessing Google Search Console

    • Create a Google account if you don’t already have one.
    • Sign in at Google Search Console.
    • Add a property to monitor. There are two main methods to add your site: via domain or URL prefix.
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    Method 1: Adding a Property via Domain

    • Select “Domain” and enter your domain name, e.g., trevize.xyz.
    • Verification by DNS record:
      • Google will generate a TXT record for domain verification.
      • Access your domain’s DNS settings through your domain registrar.
      • Add the TXT record to your DNS configuration.
      • The format will be something like: google-site-verification=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
      • After adding the TXT record, return to Search Console and click “Verify” to complete the process.
      • Verification confirms ownership of the entire domain, including all subdomains and protocols.

    Method 2: Adding a Property via URL Prefix

    • Select “URL prefix” and enter your site’s URL in its typical format, e.g., https://trevize.xyz.
    • Verification by HTML file:
      • Download the HTML verification file provided by Google.
      • Use a file manager or FTP client to upload the file to the root directory of your site.
      • The file should be accessible at https://yourdomain.com/google-file.html.
      • Do not remove the file post-verification to maintain verified status.
    • Alternative HTML tag method:
      • Copy the meta tag generated by Google.
      • Insert this tag in the <head> section of your WordPress site. Go to Appearance > Theme File Editor > Your child theme > Functions.php and add the following code:
    function trz_google_site_verification() {
        echo '<meta name="google-site-verification" content="YOUR_VERIFICATION_CODE">';
    add_action('wp_head', 'trz_google_site_verification');
    • After adding the meta tag, return to Search Console and click “Verify.”


    Proper setup of Google Search Console is crucial for anyone seeking to enhance their site’s visibility on the world’s largest search engine. It offers a comprehensive view of your SEO performance and potential issues. Regular checks and updates in the Search Console are recommended to keep abreast of optimizations and maintain your site’s health. If you encounter issues or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us for support.

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